Irene and Diana Zwetzich, the mother-daughter duo behind KOJA (кожа in Russian, meaning skin or leather), come from Kazakhstan, where women prize fur to keep them warm throughout the long, harsh Central Asian winters. Irene, a master seamstress and leatherworker, oversees the construction of each coat from start to finish. Her daughter, Diana, an architect with a degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, creates each coat with an eye towards achieving minimalist, timeless beauty with every piece.



Fur is more than just a natural resource or design element, it’s an essential part of KOJA’s heritage. It’s also functional: fur keeps the cold out, and is light, soft, and durable. KOJA is committed to responsibly-sourced, quality shearling and leather from Spain and Italy. We only work with vendors we’ve visited ourselves to ensure that the animals are free range, treated humanely, and raised for more than just their pelts.



KOJA is a small-scale studio and we want to keep it that way. Every KOJA coat is handmade in ateliers and workshops in Europe and the US, where respect for our artisans is a priority. And by choosing our suppliers carefully, we ensure that the animals were treated with care and respect. Our goals at KOJA are about slowing fashion down by replacing fast-fashion throwaways with lifetime layers made with passion. At KOJA we believe there is a sustainable, ethical and practical way for us to wear and embrace these beautiful, lasting, natural materials. 



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